From The Principal's Desk

Our School aims to educate our pupils to take their productive place in the global community by offering a comprehensive education from Nursery to Class 12. We are a caring community where students’ needs are a priority and traditional Indian and modern Western values are respected and encouraged .The school curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, useful skills, understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities for all students of our school. We believe that every student is unique , special and that they have the ability to learn. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every student to his maximum potential. Students are continually encouraged to appreciate the diverse community and develop concern and respect for the environment. ​ At GMSSS-32, the educational community strives for excellence by preparing students for learning beyond their school years and assisting them to become lifelong learners, self-directed, realistic, and responsible decision makers in our multicultural, ever-changing world. ​ Our school is an amazing playground. Each child discovers his true calling and unleashes dreams and hopes for the future. An array of events and activities fill up the school calendar. Inter School Cultural Competitions, Sports Meets, Tournaments, Guest Speakers, Seminars, …..the list is long and the enthusiasm for everything is endless. I take immense pride in acknowledging the team-work and efforts of all students and teachers. Our aim is to enhance children’s feelings of self-worth and appreciation of their own and other people’s ethnicity, culture and language in the society.


Our Vision

To nurture our students as useful citizens and future leaders by inculcating in them culture of excellence, innovation, creativity, high moral values, passion for life-long learning and a global perspective

School Mission


1. Ensure access, retention and quality education for all students.

2. Nurture academic excellence and life-long learning.

3. Develop scientific and rational thinking among the students.

4. Develop aesthetic sense among the students through co-curricular activities.

5. Cultivate socially acceptable behavior, positive attitude and ethical values.

6. Provide best possible facilities and environment conducive to academic & vocational studies, sports etc.


Our History

Our school was established in the year 1979. Educational Institutes like S.D. College institute of Education, Regional Institute of English are just at a walking distance. Information Technology, Textile Designing and Fashion Designing are the vocational subjects taught which enable students to learn and gain mastery in their respective subjects.

The school works on a double shift system. It also has a well equipped Nursery for the tiny tots. It has extensive playgrounds, well equipped laboratories and well stocked library holding nearly 7600 books in all three languages on variety of subjects. The latest books for science and mathematics are special attraction of library. The staff is computer savvy and computer education is also imparted to the students.

With the changing system of education we have adopted the continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System of Education from classes 1to 10.

The students are regularly monitored though various activities in co-scholastic areas through clubs, co-curricular activities, sports etc. The school sports students bring honours in all sports.

The school is affiliated to the Central board of Secondary Education. It provides instructions in Humanities, science (medical & Non medical), commerce and six vocational courses. Well equipped laboratories have been provided by department, where students learn by doing.

Parent Teacher Meetings and Orientation Programmes are held at regular intervals for all classes to maintain a regular interaction between Parents and Teachers.