Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 32-C, Chadigarh (U.T.)

Government Model Senior Secondary School

Sector 32-C, Chandigrh (U.T.)

Apparel ( IX-X)

Apparel, Made-ups and Home Furnishing sector is amongst the fastest growing sectors in our country. It covers a great number of activities from the transformation of raw material into fibres, yarns and fabrics to produce end products. This sector includes activities related to designing, making, cutting, stitching, finishing and decoration of apparel, made-ups and home furnishing items. It also includes assessing their quality, merchandising and export. A very important area of this sector is hand embroidery. It is famously recognised as the needle art of fabric decoration for apparels, home furnishing and other items of utility. Hand embroidery is considered as one of the most popular techniques to decorate apparel and other items. Hence, there is huge demand of trained personnel of hand embroidery.