Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 32-C, Chadigarh (U.T.)

Government Model Senior Secondary School

Sector 32-C, Chandigrh (U.T.)

Banyan Eco Club

Incharge – Ms. Sangeeta

Aim of the club:

Banyan eco club has been setup in school to create awareness about biodiversity among the students, and to make them sensitive about environmental issues. The club aims to make the children absorb, learn and act to save ‘environment’.

Features-herbal garden:

Under the leadership of Principal Mr. Darshanjit Singh herbal ground has been developed to cultivate medicinal plants in the campus. The garden has many medicinal plants like patherchatt, ashvagandha, aloeveras, ment, tulsi, sadabahar, amle, brehmi, etc.

Composite pit:

A pit of size (10`x 5x x 5`) has been constructed in campus to reduce organic waste and to convert leaves into manure. Vermin – compositing is also done for the purpose.


All important days related to environment like Earth day, Ozone Day, Energy conservation day, food day, wild life week, oil conservation day, & pollution free week, world population day, bio diversity day, world heritage day, etc. are celebrated to aware the students about their environment slogan writing, poster making, essay writing, rallies, etc. are organized from time to time in the school campus.
“We have not inherited this earth from our fore father; we have borrowed it from our children”.