Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 32-C, Chadigarh (U.T.)

Government Model Senior Secondary School

Sector 32-C, Chandigrh (U.T.)

Information Technology (XI-XII)

Vocational course is a source which not only gives theoretical knowledge to the student but also gives practical training of each subject related to a particular subject. In our school, vocational course for Class XI and class XII is running very successfully. Its duration is 2 years. Its syllabus is imparted in the subject of Information Technology Stream. It has 35 seats for XI Class. The stream covers the CBSE syllabus for I.T. and Web Application Skill course. It covers MS office, Networking, Trouble shooting, GIMP, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We give students practical training in our computers lab, which is well equipped with computer systems, internet facility, Projector and all the software available in the computer systems. This course On the Job training (OJT) and apprenticeship training also.